Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mom's 70th birthday party

The Gessers joined us at my parent's house for a birthday celebration for my mom. 70 is the new 55 but still, my mom was incredulous that she was really 70. We had less than 24 hours together but the hang was loving and easy. Nate and Mae spent hours building a pretend tree house in the front. Brook and I sang a couple of songs by the piano. Mack played ball outside with anyone he could find. Sadie rolled her eyes in disbelief that Nate was acting like a tiger and was stalking her because she was a zebra. It was special. The next day we got the following email from my mom:

Dearest Family,

You are wonderful, generous and loving and I will treasure your words, your gift, your songs. I am surprised that I do not puff up to 5 times my size with all the pride and love that I feel for you. People will say , Look there goes that puffed up Judy. See all that pride and love. Nobody can really be that fortunate. I wouldn't try to explain my 5 times puffed up state. It would not be possible. You are the dream I had years ago.

Love you with all my heart.


Here's my mom in her early 20's... 

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Mack is now saying boat and pointing at things he wants you to look at too and saying "eeee"...he loves boats. Every morning we go down to the ferry dock and watch people line up to go to work. mack does his fast wobble walk down the plank pointing and yelling "boat!!!" its very cute and all the people texting or emailing look up and smile.

Monday, April 15, 2013


3 months after my birthday, I got new headphones from my mom. The sound quality is off the charts. Nate listened to Pink Floyd's Final Cut -- a melodic and soaring Roger Waters classic -- this morning while strolling to school with his pirate umbrella protecting him from a steady rain. I couldn't see him while he listened but he was quiet for a while as the tune progressed. Then I began to hear Nate singing these short bursts of drum hits (DUH DUH DUM PSHHHH) or guitar licks (ME-WRRR) and even little vocal snatches (SKYYY). I LOVE THIS SONG DADDY, he said as we got close to school.

On the flip side, I'm now one of those guys who walks around with headphones.

Friday, April 12, 2013


The boys take baths together sometimes. Mack likes to drip water on Nate's head. They play with cars and animals.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

sweet morning

Last night i gave raff to Mack and then couldn't find one for Nate. This morning Nate said, "can you find another raff for Mack so I can have mine back?" I said of course that I would get some extra raffs for Nate and new tigers for Mack. Then Nate turned to Mack and said "Did you hear that Mack?! Mommy is buying you a new Tiger!!"

A few minutes later he said "Mommy I like your mermaid shirt."
Me: thanks!
N: It's cool. Samara and Ada don't have mermaid shirts.
Me: No?
N: No. It's cool. Daddy gave you that shirt.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Point Venture

We took our first family trip this last week in March, what with school break. Point Venture, TX is part second home retreat for Austin's wealthy, part draught-stricken sad lake front development on a downward spiral. Texas BBQ in Hill Country was close in proximity, but given our end of a cove location, was more than an hours drive each way.

There, we met Anne, Jamie and their two boys Zeek and Jonah. We were apprehensive about the journey and excited about the hang -- our third meeting in four years. All in all, the boys traveled pretty well. Nate whined his fair share but the iPad comforted. Mack ended up being a pretty good trooper, as long as he was in that Ergo. We doped him up with Benadryl too so he zonked out on the flight, which was miraculous and essential.

On vacations like these there is little rest. Complicated nap schedules prevent family outings and thus there is much playtime at the house. Kids get stir crazy when they're cooped up for too long. We ventured to the beach and the playground as best we could but the weather did not cooperate either. The boys got along well though and that made things easier.

Highlights include naked boys running around a beach, Mack puking all over my plate of BBQ from County Line, Mack sick with fever, Nate and I taking a dessert nature walk looking for cactuses, margaritta's and food at the Gnarly Gar, Jamie's cocktails, Shana's tex mex, Jonah's got back, boating docks sitting on dry land hundreds of yards from water, bunk beds, storytelling before bed leading to Zeke claiming he liked sausage flavored milk boxes, Egg hunting, Nate riding in the way back, balloons, freezing water at the pool, adult dinners on the patio...

More Austin shots

A few more photos from Austin -- The boys swam naked in the lake and bathed themselves in sand. Nate had a ball getting dirty and running wild and Mack seemed to like playing in the sand- unlike Nate who as a baby was much more squeamish that first summer in fire island.