Saturday, December 27, 2014

Shana's 22 hours without kids

"Do I deserve this? I miss them, I should be there. What if…ok I’m doing it. This is it. I love this. Oh my god I love it too much. This is the moment-how do I maximize it! What if I just sit here in bed with my laptop? Is that enough? I love this! I am me. How will I ever go back? What am I doing-just browsing? Shopping?! This is fun. But frivolous. But nice. Ah. This is nice. Whoa! Is it dark out already? How did that happen? I was just sitting here. I haven’t’ even struggled through playtime, fighting, 2 Nick Jr shows, bathtime and making dinner. It’s just here-darkness. Time is a weird thing. Time is different alone. I like this alone time. Should I get out of bed? Why? Because it’s dark! So what. What do you have to do? I should clean or do laundry. I should sort the kids toys into categories. I feel guilty. Do I deserve this? I’ll call them. I should be there. But oh my god I love this. Too much."

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mexico 2014

We went to the now jade resort in Cancun with owa for 5 days!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

All About Me


Update on the Boys

Nate is doing really well in Kindergarten. We met with his teachers last week and they said he was a leader, had lots of friends and usually did the right or good thing. He was occasionally naughty but quick to apologize. He is nice to others and engaged with the lesson, asking questions and participating well. He is good at PE and seems to be as mature/old as the other kids in the class (even though he has an early bday.) We are proud, a little surprised but happily so.

WNS has been a great experience for him and now Mack who is in the Stingray class and adjusting well. He is one of the biggest kids in the class and clearly the most energetic and advanced-with speech, movement, maturity, etc. He is a force, at home and school and everywhere he goes. A bundle of energy with so much to give and do and perform and react and relate. It's hard to keep him in one spot. But he's funny and smart and not mean spirited, only defensive if he feels threatened or demeaned, as in he has to put on a shirt to go outside. He and Nate are even playing together-Mack following and doing what Nate does, more or less. Mack would love to play with Nate all the time but Nate sometimes wants his own alone time. Or more often, they start fighting and thus ends the play-together thing.

Mack is quickly catching up in size and attitude. He joins Nate's friends instead of the other 2 year olds in the playroom and they now respect him as almost like them. He is not a baby, or so he tells us and often shows us. Then again, he will throw a half hour temper tantrum at the slightest unjustice. Like dropped a spoon or telling him he can't have two desserts. We are all a bit afraid or avoidant of his temper. Nate especially who tries to appease him or us to prevent an outburst. But we are also used to 25 minutes of straight screaming from his crib.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


The Ninjas!

Trick or treating with Remi and Tyson.....

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nate is 5!

Nate's birthday was at Construction Kids in Brooklyn-an awesome space where kids can build things out of scraps and other materials using real tools. The party started with a little tutorial in hammers and then the kids all got to make planes or cars. Somewhere in there we ate pizza and cupcakes. Everyone was very sweet-kids were super cool and parents seem to have a good time too. Great space!

We invited many of his friends from last year school's class and a few from this year's. When I had made the list, I asked Nate if there was anyone else he might want to add. "I ahve Elia, Eli, Ruben, Spencer...anyone else?" He thought for a few seconds, then said very seriously "Wolverine."

Here are some pics by the great Mimi:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

World Cup

We have been watching this year's world cup and both boys - Nate more than Mack-are getting into it. And not just the soccer part which they love but the idea of different countries completing. Nate is staging his own parellel games -- with different countries playing. he knows the score and acts out certain moves. We've attempted to watch a few in bars-the most successful of which was when we met the Karshans at 10th st Ale House and US won.

Friday, June 20, 2014



Pre-K came to an end and it was by far Nate's best year of school. The Mudskipper class was an incredible group of kids and three amazing teachers--Paule, Mr. William and Jenn. They had a little graduation ceremony on the last day of school which Mack and I went to. They sang "you are my mudskipper" to the tune of "you are my sunshine"...."we played with blocks, we practiced fire drills..." 

Nate's favorite thing about Pre-K: "Open Gym."

Friday, May 30, 2014

Moving Day

This morning, shortly after breakfast, Nate and Mack announced that they were moving out.

They put all their toys in the hallway to "pack up" and said they were headed for the beach, maybe California...I guess somewhere Mack won't need to wear clothes.

We will miss them.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Breakfast by the letter

A cross link! We have been eating breakfast according to the alphabet. See my post on Monsters Vs. Dinner: ABC Breakfast

Monday, March 3, 2014


From a frolic photo shoot


From Cole's Bar Mitzvah

Diaper head

On Wednesday evening the boys were playing quietly in their room. The door was closed and Michael and I smiled at each other. Maybe this was the beginning of Nate letting Mack play and Mack not hitting Nate. Then they emerged, with diaper cream all over their heads.

It took about three days to get out--and what finally worked was vinegar/baking soda soak followed by 4 washes with T Gel and conditioner and even then, Nate's hair (which was more Desitin-ed than Mack's) was greasy for days. When this happens again, and it will, I will try dish soap or tea tree oil soap.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Mack has started going to a little class called Pregroupies at Frolic and it's a pre preschool. It's basically something to keep your 2 year old, and yourself, from climbing the walls. Surprisingly Mack is an amazingly well behaved, friendly, generous, focused student. There are 5 kids and 2 teachers so he gets lot of attention, which helps, but I think he likes the pace of school. He's my favorite kid in the class.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Florida with Owa

The family took a 5 night vacation to fort Myers beach in Florida. Owa joined. He was an incredible help -- a superstar really. Tireless, helpful, upbeat, supportive, funny. The boys had fun too, playing on the wide and white sands. Pelicans and Gulls dive bombed into the shallow waters near us. Obese people stuffed their faces at the yummy breakfast buffet. We played in kid friendly pools sprouting with fountains. Mack isn't easy these days but with Owa occupying Nate, Mack wasn't especially difficult. Flights were doable mostly. A fun time in the sun.