Thursday, September 1, 2016

Summer 2016

Love's Folly
Tennis Camp in Easton

Colonial Williamsburg

Busch Gardens

Nate's All-Star winning kick (Busch Gardens)

Fighting in Brooklyn


Nana and Papa's 

First Day of Poly Prep Camp!

The Mets with Papa!

Hanging with Tess and Ceceila

William's Birthday Party!

Curtain call with Simone at Cove Rd.

Bobby, Dov and Kezi visit us

Zeke, Jonah, Anne and Jamie at Love's Folly!
Friend Weekend at Fagin's Estate (Nate took photo)

Fair Harbor, Fire Island

Phillips Restaurant, Ocean City

Holiday Inn, Ocean City

Burying Daddy in Ocean City

Back to Love's Folly for seafood and sunset