Sunday, November 16, 2014

All About Me


Update on the Boys

Nate is doing really well in Kindergarten. We met with his teachers last week and they said he was a leader, had lots of friends and usually did the right or good thing. He was occasionally naughty but quick to apologize. He is nice to others and engaged with the lesson, asking questions and participating well. He is good at PE and seems to be as mature/old as the other kids in the class (even though he has an early bday.) We are proud, a little surprised but happily so.

WNS has been a great experience for him and now Mack who is in the Stingray class and adjusting well. He is one of the biggest kids in the class and clearly the most energetic and advanced-with speech, movement, maturity, etc. He is a force, at home and school and everywhere he goes. A bundle of energy with so much to give and do and perform and react and relate. It's hard to keep him in one spot. But he's funny and smart and not mean spirited, only defensive if he feels threatened or demeaned, as in he has to put on a shirt to go outside. He and Nate are even playing together-Mack following and doing what Nate does, more or less. Mack would love to play with Nate all the time but Nate sometimes wants his own alone time. Or more often, they start fighting and thus ends the play-together thing.

Mack is quickly catching up in size and attitude. He joins Nate's friends instead of the other 2 year olds in the playroom and they now respect him as almost like them. He is not a baby, or so he tells us and often shows us. Then again, he will throw a half hour temper tantrum at the slightest unjustice. Like dropped a spoon or telling him he can't have two desserts. We are all a bit afraid or avoidant of his temper. Nate especially who tries to appease him or us to prevent an outburst. But we are also used to 25 minutes of straight screaming from his crib.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


The Ninjas!

Trick or treating with Remi and Tyson.....