Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sea Lions

Since Nate's actual birthday fell on the second day of school, his class, the Sea Lions celebrated with cupcakes, but no candles. Look how cute he is.

Nate started school five days a week and the only kid from last year’s class is Sasha which makes it challenging for him-no Remi or Ronan. So far he’s doing great though there are days he doesn’t want to go, he usually gets himself ready and has a good day. After school we play with Remi sometimes, and the two take soccer on Mondays. Mack is with me a couple afternoons a week when I pick up Nate and all the kids, well mostly girls, love to play with him. Mack loves it too—he’s becoming very friendly and social, very happy to be among others and play. And Nate is very proud to have his baby bro in the classroom—his teacher said she’s never seen a 3 year old as loving toward his sibling.