Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day at Folly

We're in Love's Folly for a week -- Memorial Day weekend.  We need the help. This is not easy. But 4 people can do this.  We can.  We can entertain Nate -- house hang into playground into nap into lunch into pool into house hang.  We can watch and care for Mack -- catch spit up, wipe up spit up, sooth, play with, put down for nap, feed.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012


It's summer, Mack is heading towards 4 months old.  He's doing his first smiles.  He's still struggling with gas and things -- the poor guy is fussing -- but this smile is going a long way.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Family Sunday

We went to cousin Debra and Kenny's this weekend for our Second Annual Spring Get Together in Irvington, Westchester. The family gathered and ate and laughed, the sounds of kids and dogs dominating (Shana: "What's up with all of these dogs??").  We took some family photos at the end.  From left to right in the back, we have... Me, Mack, Uncle Paul, Cousin Nina, Cousin Drew, Cousin Cole, Cousin Erik, Papa, Cousin Kenny.  From left to right in the front, we have.. Mei-Ling, Cousin Kim, Kai-Li, Nate, Shana, Matriarch Rochelle, Matriarch Judith, Cousin Debra. 

Nate and Mei-Ling were the stars of the day. Mei-Ling was interested in Nate, pushing his buttons, flirting, being funny. Nate tried to manage but he was on his heals.

It's a good crew - I love this family very much.