Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Adventures

Weekends during the winter are challenging as the boys get more boyish. On this Saturday morning, we hit Club 4 Kidz, where we met the Karshan girls for fun indoor play… 

…then went to Remy's apartment in Greenpoint for oyster shucking...

…and pizza making…

On Sunday, Mack and I hit a sports bar in the lower east side (two actually, as we got thrown out of Hair of the Dog because the place wouldn't allow kids, then went to 1 and 1) where we met Law and Mendel for fantasy football playoffs (i.e., watch 10 football games at once). Law has a fantastic way with Mack -- the two are sensitive guys who are prone to fighting and over-emotional outbursts. Law also used Mack as a tool for meeting the ladies.

Finally, Mack and I went to Katz's deli for pastramis and brisket sandwiches to go. Mack kept on pointing to the hanging salamis ("yeah, those, Mack... are…hanging…umm.. delicious…meat…"), while simultaneously demanding more pickles.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Aunt Margot who visited last week asked me to record Mack saying "School." It is the sweetest thing.