Thursday, July 8, 2010


The city agency has deemed Nate qualified for the early intervention program, which is both disappointing and useful. It's all about the stomach muscles, according to the physical therapist who evaluated Nate. In a few weeks we will be assigned a therapist to come to the house and work him out. Yes, like a dog trainer. But the good news is it's free and now an expert will hopefully resolve what seems to be not a huge but worth-addressing problem. In the meantime, we got some tips to help the cutie get stronger...and Michael is of course taking this part very seriously.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


July was a fun month for Nate. He spent the July 4th holiday at Love's Folly, basking in the glow of his grandparents. It was a love-fest between grandchild and grandparent. Among other things, Nate hung out and played with boxes and balls in the living room, swam in the pool, hot-tubbed, touched actual grass, took a nature walk and felt trees and leaves. He had a blast.