Sunday, October 30, 2011


We went to Stuy Town to hang with the Fredo's on this Sunday before Halloween. Nate caught a magic show, got his face painted (pumkin!) and met another Elmo (freaky). He spent time with Cole the Lion, who refused to wear his lion head portion of his costume. A good time was had by all!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


On the last day of this Love's Folly Nate and I stumbled into a baseball game, a High School Fall Ball league match between Easton (Orange!) and Queen Anne (Yellow!).

The level of play was solid and the field was beautiful, with green home run fences and umpires who punched out batters with gusto.We sat on the bleachers, cheering on our beloved Easton boys. "Ball!" Nate said, pointing. "Dada! Baa!"

We snacked on raisons and pretzel rods as the sun warmed our faces. I happened to be sporting Ron's camouflaged hunting baseball cap, so I blended in perfectly with the locals. When a fat latino kid belted a double over the center fielder's head and then pulled a hammy running to first, a good ol' boy (whose 17 month old girl was intensely checking Nate out) said to me, his smoker's voice gritty and gravely, "That boy can sure hit. But he's a big boy." He then let out this giant smoker's laugh and I joined him. I was just another good ol' boy watching the local kids on this gorgeous morning, gossiping about which ones might make it out of this town.

Nate and I left after the 4th with Easton trailing 6-2. Nate needed a nap.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Nate is talking more and more. It's fascinating to see language develop. Here's a little rap session we had in the car as Shana ran into The Meat Hook.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nate in School -- Day 4

Nate is about the most delicious, funny, adorable, hilarious little boy. I love him so much it makes my chest hurt sometimes. I'm not joking. And so this morning, after the two of us were rolling on the floor -- into each other, over each other, next to each other -- with Shana watching us and the three of us laughing and giggling and squealing with such ferocious sweet fun, the mood could only be ruined when one of mentioned the word, "School."

It was time for school. His 4th full day.

"No school," Nate said quietly. He's in a "no" stage lately -- last night he and Shana had a deathmatch over his bath with Shana ending up soaked and Nate escaping, running naked around the apartment -- so the "no school" was no surprise.

Still, it was time for school. Nate whimpered "no school" as we put on his socks and shoes.

"No ocks... No looos."
"Yes, socks, yes, shoes. It's time for school buddy." We gathered his monkey backback and headed out. "I love you," Shana said. "Bye Mama" Nate said so softly and sweetly it made me want to hurl myself down the stairs. "After school, we'll go on a ferry boat and see Maxine." "Boat," said Nate, but his heart wasn't in it.

Nate got into the stroller and we headed to the building on N5th near Bedford Avenue. "After school, Mommy will pick you up, and then you'll go on a ferry," I said. "Ferry!" Nate responded. "Boat!" "Yeah, boat. You'll go on a ferry to visit Maxine and Nicole." "Boat!"

We entered school. Nate was quiet. We parked the stroller in the stairwell and I carried him up the stairs. We looked at a picture of a stingray by a classroom door. Then a blowfish. Then a dolphin. He pointed, "Fih." "Yeah, fish."

We entered the airy classroom. Nate held on to me tightly with his legs. I put him down and he didn't cry. I showed him his lunch that Shana lovingly packed in a three-compartment Tupperware. We peaked in. "Mmmmm" I said and he smiled. "Mmmm" he said and we both laughed.

Caroline came over and said hi to Nate and she unclipped from a clothesline a picture of me, Shana in Nate when we were in Love's Folly. "Who's this?" she asked Nate, pointing at Shana. "Mama," he said. "And who's this?" she asked Nate, pointing at me. "Dada." "What's on your shirt there Nathan?" she asked pointing to a boned face t-rex. "Gaaaaa" said Nate. "What sound does a dinosaur make?" I asked him. "Roarrrr." "Hey Nate, what sound does a pirate make?" "Arrrrr!" "Arrrr" I arrred. "Arrrr," said Caroline and we laughed.

"OK buddy, time to go."

"No!!!" Nate held on tight. I handed him to Caroline. "Dada!!" He was reaching for me.

I headed out the door and put his monkey backpack on his hook. I heard him crying. I took out my iPhone and pointed it into the classroom and stealthily filmed this short clip. That's Nate, looking at the picture of me, Shana, and him... I almost hurled myself down the stairs. But I didn't.