Tuesday, May 11, 2010

sitting up??

Nate is sitting up. It's a whole new perspective for him and us. But Nate doesn't quite have the balance down; he topples over. So, the best place to practice is on the bed, where he can fall back and to the side and it's no big thing. This morning however, I sat him up in his crib and he wobbled and fell back on that crib mattress and it stunned him a little. He thought about crying but I buried my face into his stomach and he quickly erupted in giggles. He'll get this sitting up thing eventually. And then we'll start tackling the challenge of nabbing backhand grounders in the hole between shortstop and third and firing the long throw to first base...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tummy Time Sucks

Almost 8 months old now, one thing is clear for Nate. He still hates that tummy time. He'll give you a smile if you work for it, sure, but left on his own, tummy time might as well be water-boarding.

It's hard to hear him moaning and wimpering. We cheer him on, stick a toy in front of his face or make silly faces so that he gets the idea that this could be a good time if he lets it. If only he'd roll over onto his back, he'd be able to skirt this baby tradition. But his left arm gets kind of stuck, creating a wedge against rolling over. This is when Nate gets most frustrated and enraged. It's funny actually if he wasn't so upset. OK, it's still funny. Not for Nate.