Monday, July 30, 2012


Meanwhile, Mack grows bigger, stronger, drinking those disgusting protein shakes aka Similac Expert Care Alimentum Powder Infant Formula (TM), building muscle, teeth, confidence, eye-hand coordination, charm...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Feinblooms and Lebow Visit

For this last weekend in July, the Feinblooms and LeBows visited Love's Folly for a somewhat hectic and fun loving weekend. Highlights: Shana's paella, Felix and Nate crashing heads in the first 5 minutes, movies and the arguments of the kids about which movies they would watch, the similar temperaments of Tessa and Nate, nature walks, Nate, Felix and Tessa sleeping in the same room, Melanie gorgeously pregnant, Shana making breakfast for Nate, Tessa, Felix on morning, LeBow in the pool throwing children, Miles' high pitched squeal but devastating smile, Feinbloom sleeping poolside, and hot pool vs. cold pool. The above video is some of my very own cooking show ("Today we're doing...Smoothies!") to Nate and Felix. My secret: raw bacon aroma... 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mack in late July

Here is Mack now, about 5 1/2 months old, starting to develop into this wide-eyed, sweet, hungry little boy. His laugh is this shrilly, noisy, guttural "EHHHHHHH!!!" kind of noise. He smells like formula. He spits up constantly and without remorse. But he is full of life and sweet beyond our wildest exceptions. Above is Mack leaning against an ottoman in Love's Folly, standing up and swaying like a drunk. His smile is fantastic. We love him so much.

Summer in Full Swing

For the first 2 weeks of July, Nate is in camp -- so we can't go far. When his boys Ronin and Remy are there, Nate -- look at those locks! -- is having a great time.  

Then it was back to Love's Folly -- of course -- for a hang with Mike, Nicole, Cylus and Maxine. Cylus could be one of the most amiable boys I've met so far, but Maxine and Nate went at it pretty hard. The parents were working!

Even at the Crab Claw, it was kind of wild.

In the end, Nate was left sort of exhausted and grouchy, as were we.

But there was little rest. We wanted to see the Gessers, and so we drove to DC, where we met for ping pong pizza. Nate and I drove Shana and Mack to Ron/Simma's place, and then we drove back to the Gessers for a sleep-over. Mae and Nate ran around chasing the cats until the kids were ready for bed.  Without a pack & play or guest bed for Nate, Mae volunteered to sleep in a sleeping back and Nate got the bottom bunk under Sadie.

Brookie put on classical music after Sadie read a bed-time story. Nate went to sleep -- remarkably -- with a cat at the foot of his bad and a pink chair protecting him from falling off. 

Then it was back to Love's Folly the next day, where we went afternoon boating to the Crab Claw where we feasted on french fries (and beer for the adults) with Captain Oha.

Friday, July 6, 2012

July Camp

Nate's in camp five days a week in two week lumps. The transition hasn't been easy. He seems OK but he's not taking great joy. He's shy in new situations. He plays around others and doesn't necessarily zero in on them. We think this is normal -- there's no concern. But there's heartbreak some mornings when Nate doesn't seem thrilled to be there and he's alone. At the end of the day, Shana says he seems kind of cranky and exhausted, as if the camp experience takes a toll on him. We urge him on nonetheless.  

Here's Nate one morning, kind of jumping around, a bit in his own world, a bit thinking about engaging one of the other little boys. You can see his mind working. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Big.  Boy.  Bed.  Now the fun of two boys in one room begins if we have the nerve...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th

On this hot July 4th day, Nate and I hit the bike for our longest ride -- Prospect Park, a 15 mile journey there and back.  Through South Williamsburg and Bed Stuy, we biked past stone faced Hassidim children on tree lined blocks.  Entering the park, we marveled at the joggers, bikers, paths, trees (trees!), then stopped for a snack on a bench overlooking the park's giant and magnificent lawn. I wish we had this park near Williamsburg. Then we found a playground on the southeast side near the pond, where Nate jubilantly and breathlessly soaked himself in the fountain. Here he is running and squealing.

There were more snacks of course before we headed home; the mood was gleeful. Together we biked home, mostly down Bedford Avenue, a beat up street with rough storefronts and tons of cars whizzing by. Nate talked the whole ride home.

Summer travels

Lot's a fun times in the Folly this summer! We spent two whole weeks there with the Liebmans, then a few weekends in between with friends, and finally the famous Labor Day Nate Bday bash weekend. 

We also made it out to Huntington quite a bit--some said we were stalking the Grandparents, which we were. Actually Michael said that. The best weekends were when the Gessers joined us.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mack is starting to smile and kick his little fat legs with excitement. It's exciting for us, Nate included.  Nate gets so excited that he sticks his head into Mack's face. We don't really get it. "EASY!" we say, "CAREFUL!".  But Nate is too excited. We're back in Brooklyn after taking Nate to East Hampton to the Fagen Estate with the rich and famous and 24 hour help. My parents took Mack for two nights and found him delicious and sweet -- an early sign that Mack's true personality might be coming through?

Here the two boys (video too above) are goofing off on the floor on this mat thing that has seen its fair share of spit up. Nate plays pretty well with Mack all in all.  We've heard tales of attempted murder. He calls him "Macko".