Sunday, June 24, 2012

Late June 2012

It's the beginning of summer and we're spending it at Love's Folly -- again -- another full 10 days and only a month from our last 10 day holiday at Love's Folly around Memorial Day. It seems the only way we're going to get through this is to stalk both sets of parents. This is no joke. With Mack's colic and incessant neediness, plus Nate's general bossiness, we need the help. This makes our family of four NEEDY.  We are NEEDY NEEDY. We NEED relief. We NEED NEED NEED. We aren't much fun. There are many tears. When we leave both sets of parents aren't that sad.  We are exhausted and we exhaust those around us. 

That Ron and Simma (and my parents too when we crash their house) would have us for more than a day or two is a miracle. But it shows me the power of family, of pulling together when there is strain.  And so this becomes the new normal. 

Some pics of Nate on the move away from the house... Nate at the playground in Easton.

On a nature walk. 

At the Crab Claw for french fries.

Around the harbor, throwing rocks.

Here's Mack at the house.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nate's hair

Nate's hair is wild and beautiful.  As summer begins, his hair is the envy of men and women, golden locks of highlights and layers. He likes it I think.  I stare at it longingly.

Nate is communicating more and more. He begins camp soon.  He's nervous about it since he's going 5 days a week. His buddies only are going 2 days, leaving him without his Remy and Ronin crew 3 out of the 5.  He's in a good place though -- we are optimistic.

4 Month Check Up

Here's Mack at his four month check up.  He's skinny and tall for his age.  Lean and mean!?

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Sun streams into our beautiful apartment. There is crying and hysteria at night, no doubt, with Shana and I still taking care of Mack in shifts, trying to hang on.  But the clouds are lifting as Mack begins to gain footing. On mornings like this, the possibilities seem bright.