Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet Potato

This morning was the first successful attempt at eating solids! We gave Nate a little bit of homemade mashed sweet potato (made in my new baby-food cooker--thanks Aunt Brook!) and he ate it without spitting it out, crying, shuddering or gagging (all of which he did during past attempts.) Progress?

Nate's organic nightmare.....

Yesterday we stopped by the grocery store...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Five months!

It’s been a while since we posted and Nate has only gotten cuter. He’s babbling a lot—mostly gibberish words that start with the letter “b.” He’s very smiley and even giggles quite a bit when you make silly faces or splash him in the bath. He has the best laugh—throwing his head back with a huge grin and kind of gasping. He can hold things now and even hold his feet and he is sometimes sleeping through the night—sometimes waking once to eat. We tried solids—cereal, banana, applesauce but he HATED it all, gagging dramatically as if we were feeding him gasoline-- so we’re going to wait and try again in a few weeks.

So far he’s a love— a sweet, good-natured, happy kid who seems to like being around people and excited about new challenges.

Although yesterday I left him in the swing with his stuffed friend we call “Seth” and then heard him cry out. Turns out he had lost Seth—or rather he had inadvertently put Seth on his head and then couldn't find him (see above).